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Sanding Belt 3x18x100G DGrit

Sanding Belt 3x18x100G DGrit

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Also Available:
CYG/ST-31836      3"x18"x36G DGrit
CYG/ST-31840      3"x18"x40G DGrit
CYG/ST-31850      3"x18"x50G DGrit
CYG/ST-31860      3"x18"x60G DGrit
CYG/ST-31880      3"x18"x80G DGrit
CYG/ST-318100    3"x18"x100G DGrit
CYG/ST-318120    3"x18"x120G DGrit

CYG/ST-32136      3"x21"x36G DGrit
CYG/ST-32140      3"x21"x40G DGrit
CYG/ST-32150      3"x21"x50G DGrit
CYG/ST-32160      3"x21"x60G DGrit
CYG/ST-32180      3"x21"x80G DGrit
CYG/ST-321100    3"x21"x100G DGrit
CYG/ST-321120    3"x21"x120G DGrit

CYG/ST-32436      3"x24"x36G DGrit
CYG/ST-32440      3"x24"x40G DGrit
CYG/ST-32460      3"x24"x60G DGrit
CYG/ST-32480      3"x24"x80G DGrit
CYG/ST-324100    3"x24"x100G DGrit
CYG/ST-324120    3"x24"x120G DGrit

CYG/ST-42436      4"x24"x36G DGrit
CYG/ST-42440      4"x24"x40G DGrit
CYG/ST-42460      4"x24"x60G DGrit
CYG/ST-42480      4"x24"x80G DGrit
CYG/ST-424100    4"x24"x100G DGrit
CYG/ST-424120    4"x24"x120G DGrit

CYG/ST-64860       6"x48"x60G DGrit
CYG/ST-648100     6"x48"x100G DGrit

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